Fieeld by Santander

At Santander we believe that football can move and inspire millions of people and help to transform their lives. We understand football as a powerful social tool and a vehicle for change. That’s what leads us to support this sport and build a better game for everyone by facilitating inclusion.

In pursuit of this goal, we present Fieeld: a device that allows all blind people to feel football for the first time like they’ve never felt it before.

How it works




Santander Bank provided financial backing for development of the Fieeld device and the four devices that currently exist. Fieeld belongs to a technological company that created and developed the device.

For the time being, Fieeld is a device that transmits pre-programmed sections of play. This version has not been developed to allow real-time broadcasting of matches.

The current design of Fieeld offers the possibility of selecting 3 different sections of play via a series of buttons on the side of the device.

Fieeld is not currently available for sale, nor will it be distributed commercially.

Fieeld is 44 cm long, 33 cm wide and 11 cm high. It is designed to follow the game easily and allow comfortable handling.

For the moment, devices cannot be requested. Fieeld is not available for sale, nor does it have a commercial purpose.

Currently there are only four Fieeld devices, which are available for use in different venues to be confirmed by Santander Bank in the near future.

Football Can

FootballCan is the philosophy of Santander Bank and is what motivates us to sponsor the world's leading football competitions.

To believe in FootballCan means believing in the power of football to inspire us and constantly make us better. For us, football is progress. Because it has the capacity to transform peoples’ lives and society as a whole, achieving the impossible and altering the course of reality to allow even blind people to feel a football match the way they’d always dreamed.